Charging Solutions

Public Charging

Complimentary chargEV Membership

Our leasing programme comes with complimentary chargEV membership for the whole period of lease. With over 400 charging locations in Malaysia, enjoy the convenience of its wide network with complimentary charging.

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Install Chargers

Turnkey Charging Solutions

Depending on your requirements, we can offer charger installation services for your fleet charging needs.

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chargEV AC Charger
chargEV DC Charger

Cross Border Charging

(coming soon)

Forget about range anxiety and charging-related concerns as we will be expanding our EV charging network presence in Singapore! Experience a smooth, enhanced and seamless connectivity when you travel from Malaysia to Singapore – from the chargEV app to any of our chargers in Singapore plugged into your EV, easily and conveniently.

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We are expanding chargEV’s presence rapidly across Malaysia. Download the app to locate your nearest chargEV.

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