Featured Services

Comprehensive Maintenance Programme

Includes regular servicing, wear and tear parts replacement, oil and coolant charging, tire rotation and alignment.

Replacement Vehicle

Replacement vehicle will be provided when yours is servicing.

Fuss-free Aftersales Support

All administrative matters will be taken care of in our leasing programme – from liaising withinsurers, renewing road tax and tedious paperwork.

Digital Solutions

Complemented by our digital solutions, our EVs are enhanced with smart technology features to complete your EV experience.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring System
  • Driver Safety Scorecard
  • Battery Status Monitoring
  • Navigation to Charging Stations
  • Virtual Keys


Driver Behaviour

Analyze driving behaviour by collecting data on acceleration, braking, speeding, harsh cornering and excessive idling

Charging Efficiency

Monitor real-time charging status such as total energy charged, charging time per day, no. of charging per day

Carbon Footprint Tracking

Track your carbon footprint closely with parameters such as energy consumption per day, energy efficiency per day, carbon footprint per day


Prefer variation instead of something fixed? During your lease period with us, you can enjoy the privilege of upgrading your EV to something new in our catalogue in the future.